Printing Services for Musicians

Print your Cicada QR codes on posters, business cards, flags, and more.

Let audiences tip you, buy goods & services from your Cicada store at every gig you play.

Get NFC tags to make any surface point to your page when tapped by a phone.

Buy tripods, displays, and holders for all your custom signs.

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Book a free 15-minute call with a Cicada team member to learn some best practices. Cicada can help you earn more from your gigs and create unforgettably engaging shows.

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Merch collections

Cicada artists sell hundreds of merch articles. Get inspired by some of the samples below!

Merch is one of the many types of items you can sell on Cicada. There's also tips, tickets, lessons, song requests, dedications, meet & greets, and more.

Check out some artist collections!

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It's time for you to also start making more money from live gigs.

On Cicada, you'll get unlimited custom QR codes, unlimited new merch articles, unlimited other store items, access to tipping, and more.

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