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45-minute Guitar Lesson | Tomasz Fechner

45-minute Guitar Lesson | Tomasz Fechner

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Book credit for a 1-on-1 guitar lesson with award-winning Tomek.


Each unit is valid for a single, one-on-one 60-minute guitar lesson, redeemable at a mutually agreed-upon time and place.


Lessons can take place either in person or online.

In-person Lessons

In-person lessons are restricted to students in physical proximity to Tomek's Tomek, located in Southern California.

Online Lessons

Online lessons are taught using Dr. Tomek's professional multi-camera, multi-microphone setup, at 1080p in 60fps, on a Gigabit internet connection.


Upon purchasing this lesson credit, you will receive Prof Tomek's schedule via email.

Should no mutually available time be found within 30 days of buying this credit, the item can be refunded to you in full.

Money-back Guarantee

Should you be unhappy with the quality of instruction, you can request a full refund within 30 days of receiving a lesson.

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