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Custom QR Code | Business Cards (100-pack)

Custom QR Code | Business Cards (100-pack)

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Cicada's QR Code Business Cards: A Compact, Cost-Effective Way to Connect

Introducing Cicada's QR Code Business Cards – a pack of 100 cards, each embedded with your unique QR code, designed to effortlessly connect your live audience with your Cicada page and store.

These business cards are an affordable and practical choice for any performing or touring musician.

Key Features

  • Compact and Portable: Small enough to fit in your pocket, these business cards are ideal for bringing to every gig. They won't take up much space, making them perfect for on-the-go interactions.
  • Complimentary Cicada Store Setup: Don't have a Cicada store yet? Purchasing this pack of business cards grants you a free setup of your own Cicada digital store, bridging the gap between physical presence and online sales.
  • Cost-Effective Networking Tool: These cards are an economical option, allowing you to share your Cicada store with many people without a significant investment.
  • High-Quality Design: Each card is designed to be both aesthetically pleasing and durable, ensuring that your QR code is scanned easily and the card withstands handling.
  • Tappable option: Select the tappable option for your business cards to be equipped with NFC tags. These will allow your fans to tap their devices to your business cards and instantly access your Cicada page and shop.

Customize your product

  • Click here to customize your QR code and the surrounding text.
  • We will confirm all QR code designs via email.
  • Already got a custom Cicada QR code? You can skip this.

Product Specifications

  • Quantity: 100 business cards per pack
  • Print: QR code prominently displayed on each card
  • Design: Professional and sleek, tailored to enhance your brand identity

Cicada's QR Code Business Cards offer a straightforward, effective way to engage with your audience and direct them to your Cicada store.

Their small size, affordability, and practicality make them an essential tool for musicians looking to integrate their live performances with their digital presence.

Hand them out at concerts, masterclasses, or any event where you want to leave a lasting impression and make every interaction count.


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