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Custom QR Code | LARGE Poster Print (16x20in)

Custom QR Code | LARGE Poster Print (16x20in)

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Custom QR Code Poster: Your Gateway to Digital Engagement at Live Concerts

Cicada presents an innovative and visually appealing solution for musicians to connect with audiences: the Custom QR Code Poster.

This 16x20 inch poster, elegantly mounted on foam board, is not just a decorative piece but a strategic tool to drive your audience to your digital store while they're still immersed in the live concert experience.

Key Benefits

  • Immediate Audience Engagement: By showcasing this poster at your concerts, you provide fans with instant access to your digital store. This immediate connection capitalizes on the peak of their engagement, encouraging spontaneous purchases and interactions.
  • Complimentary Cicada Store Setup: Don't have a Cicada store yet? Purchasing this poster grants you a free setup of your own Cicada digital store, bridging the gap between physical presence and online sales.
  • High-Quality Design: The poster, sized at 16x20 inches, is printed on premium matte paper with a vertical orientation, ensuring that your QR code and design are displayed with clarity and style.
  • Durable and Portable: Mounted on sturdy foam board, this lightweight yet robust poster is easy to transport and display at various venues, making it a versatile addition to your concert setup.

Customize your product

  • Click here to customize your QR code and the surrounding text.
  • We will confirm all QR code designs via email.
  • Already got a custom Cicada QR code? You can skip this.

Technical Specifications

  • Size: 16 inches x 20 inches
  • Paper Type: Matte paper for a sleek, non-glare finish
  • Orientation: Vertical for prominent display
  • Mounting: Mounted on foam board for durability and ease of display
  • Lamination: None, to maintain the integrity of the matte finish

Convenience and Accessibility

  • Pickup Option: To maximize convenience, you can pick up your custom QR code poster for free at any FedEx location within the US.
  • Delivery Option: Prefer it delivered? We offer a flat shipping fee of $9.99 for deliveries anywhere in the US.
  • Availability: This product is currently only available for musicians in the United States.

In today's digital age, bridging the gap between live performances and online interaction is crucial. Cicada's Custom QR Code Poster does exactly that, offering a tangible link to your digital storefront.

Its elegant design and practicality make it an essential asset for modern musicians. Engage your audience, boost your sales, and expand your digital footprint effortlessly with this innovative solution.

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